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Welcome to Eurockk!! 

Thank you for joining me on my journey!  After 20 years in the technical corporate world, I embraced a mine: European Fashion and Travel. I grew up in a family of fashion and we owned many international boutiques and have been traveling to Europe to attend the fashion trade shows for years . I wanted to introduce a more exciting way to shop. Every season I travel to the top European fashion weeks and  trade shows in Milan, Paris, Barcelona, Finland, Hungary, Portugal, Spain, Greece, etc and pick from the most recent collections to bring them to your fingertips. is based out of Orange County, CA where beauty and fashion is very appreciated. We import all collections to the US and ship to all our customers around the world. We select our brands very carefully, one at a time. Often, the designers are excited to join our list since it is their first time exposure to the US and other countries's markets. We pick and chose the collections based on their design, fashion trends, quality and craftsmanship. We often include in the selection process a factory visit, market review and fashion magazine spotlights. 

Many of our designers made it to win award of excellence in design, got featured in European Vogue, Cosmpolitain, Marie Claire, In Style and many other fashion publications and magazines .. It has been a confirmation to all of us that we are on the right track and have a great eye to the winner designers.

Our price point is of the middle range and falls right in between the grand luxury designers and the commercial grade. Many of our designers are still considered as emerging designers and their collections are capturing more popularity and fame every year.

We are very excited you are joining on this beautiful fashionable journey. To keep us with our announcements and promotions we invite you to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and subscribe to our newsletter

We would love to hear your questions or comments! Whether it is for clarification, feedback or  there are new styles and brands you would love to see us carry.? We would love to hear your feedback! We are always listening to our customers and would love to hear your opinion! Please use the contact us button to get in touch with our support team...

Ready for the journey? Eurockk.. Because you Rock!!